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Brainstorming the info for my Notion system

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[If you’d like a copy of the Notion brainstorming pages shown here, log into your Notion account and go to this link. Instructions for copying the template into your Notion account is on that page.]

Instead of hitting you with a really long blog post, I decided to provide a screenshot of each page in the brainstorm list and provide the Notion template to you so you don’t have to start from scratch.

You can download the template using the link above. Just make certain you are logged into your Notion account. The brainstorming template is pretty self-explanatory. You can use the images below to get an idea how I went through the process.

I started in my “Core Areas” then worked my way through the sections. To get started I am mainly focusing on my core area of “Career and Business.” As I proceeded through the sections, even if I added 20 goals, for example, I didn’t want to get overwhelmed so only focused one or two of those goals when I went to my projects section. I did the same thing with the tasks section; I only focused on two or three projects in my tasks area.

Remember: the big visions break down into more tangible goals. Goals give me a clearer picture of what needs to be done, but they can still be a bit overwhelming. So, I further break down goals into projects, and projects get distilled into small, manageable tasks or action steps. This way, when I open Notion each morning, I only need to focus on a handful of tasks for the day, making it much less stressful than dealing with all the goals, projects and potential tasks at once.

Scroll through the screenshots below of my brainstorm list. Most of the pages were created using toggles so the page would be easier to read and manage instead of being faced with a “wall of words” with too much information. This way I can close all but the one toggle I am working on.

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