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Work with me

License my patterns for your products

Curious about working together? Here's the simple process →
Curious about working together? Here's the simple process ↓

1. Licensing Basics

Think of licensing like renting my patterns. You use them on your products for a set period of time and I keep the copyrights.

2. Explore Ready-Made Designs

Start by checking out my catalog of patterns. Pick what you love, and I'll tweak things like the color and scale to fit your needs.

3. Custom Creations

Need something unique? I can craft new patterns exclusively for your company and products, whether it's a single design or entire collection.

4. Licensing Agreement

We'll make it official with a straightforward licensing agreement. Everything from the price to terms will be clearly laid out.

5. Payment

Depending on what we agree on, you'll pay either a flat fee or a percentage based on your product sales either monthly or quarterly.

6. Files Delivered

Once everything is settled, I'll send over the design files. Quick and easy.

Keen to get started? Drop me a line and let’s bring your vision to life!