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More Places to Find Inspiration

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In another post, I talked about how to find inspiration in a variety of ways. But of course sometimes a PLACE can provide inspiration in a variety of ways. Where are some of your go-to places to find inspiration? Maybe it’s just a long walk to clear your head. Or an actual place or thing that helps inspire you in your art and gets your creative juices flowing. In this time of cautionary distancing due to COVID, some of these might be best done during safer times. But here goes…
  • Long walks in nature or the park
  • When I used to live in NYC, I sometimes walked for hours — from one end of Manhattan to the other. There is so much to see and experience to get those creative juices flowing.
  • Take a walk around your city and LOOK AROUND. Look at the buildings, architecture, shop windows, landscaping, gardens, etc.
  • Art Museums
  • Natural History museums and science museums
  • Gardens and observatories
  • Antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores and vintage “anything” store
  • I know they are far and few between, but there’s nothing like scanning the aisles of an actual bookstore for some inspiration
  • Your favorite store that caters to the type of client or offers the type of products you want to design for. For example, if you want to design for the children’s market, go to a store that offers furniture, clothes, toys, and home decor items for that market. If you want to design for home decor, go for a visit to a store like Anthropologie.
Don’t forget to take photos if allowed.

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