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Adobe Illustrator: How to Straighten & Roughen Paths Using the Pencil Tool

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I’m not a big fan of the Smooth Tool in Adobe Illustrator for smoothing out paths. So I got very excited when I viewed a Skillshare course by Melissa Lee showing a different technique that works more precisely and is much easy to use. It can speed up your workflow in Illustrator and I feel like you have more control than using the Smooth Tool.

For anyone who wants to see the trick but doesn’t have Skillshare, I videoed me doing it and created a two GIFs. One shows how to use the Pencil Tool to smooth a path. And the second shows how to use the Pencil Tool to roughen a path. It’s a very neat trick. Thanks Melissa!

So is there an opposite to the Smooth Tool. What if your line isn’t wonky enough? If you don’t want to SMOOTH the lines, but actually make them more angular or with more curves? THIS is the answer. Again…mind blown.

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