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Yesterday I signed up for the free version of Chat GPT and asked my first question. I thought it gave a pretty detailed and accurate response. Doing research for a pattern collection, I thought I’d ask it question where there was definite right or wrong answers. Even though it left quite a few out, I thought it gave a pretty detailed response. In the future I could ask it to provide a specific number – for example 20 native plants or even 100.

What are some native wildflowers that are host plants for native butterflies

  1. Milkweed (Asclepias species) is a host plant for the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus). The leaves of milkweed are the only food that monarch caterpillars eat.
  2. Spicebush (Lindera benzoin) is a host plant for the spicebush swallowtail (Papilio troilus) and the promethea silkmoth (Callosamia promethea).
  3. Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a host plant for the queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus).
  4. Joe-Pye weed (Eutrochium species) is a host plant for the Appalachian azure butterfly (Celastrina neglectamajor).
  5. Wild lupine (Lupinus perennis) is a host plant for the Karner blue butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis).
  6. Goldenrod (Solidago species) is a host plant for the goldenrod soldier beetle (Chauliognathus pensylvanicus) and the gray hairstreak butterfly (Strymon melinus).
  7. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) is a host plant for the bordered patch butterfly (Chlosyne lacinia).

By planting these and other native wildflowers, you can help support the life cycle of native butterflies and other pollinators.

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