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Pussytoes - vectorized

Days 37-40 of The 100 Day Project

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Drawing a native flower called Pussytoes. They are small flowers that are a larval host plant for American Lady and Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars.

I used the Pentel brush pen again, then vectorized & added the colored background using the Blob brush. These did not turn out as I had hoped. I thought the brush sketches looked so much cuter than the vector versions. 

I didn’t like the way my first attempt turn out so I tried something different the next day.

This time I started out painting the main shapes in gouache, then putting those images on a light board and added details with a dip pen & ink on a separate piece of paper. I did not like this at all. I definitely need a more flexible nib as the ones I have cause a lot of splatter as I drew. But I also just didn’t like the final result, plus it was a lot of work.

I had one more day of drawing Pussytoes and honestly got so frustrated with the vectorized version I didn’t even keep them. I’m moving on and maybe I’ll come back to them another day.


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