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Beginnings of my Mini-Collections

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I’m not done but wanted to show some of my progress and the work I did during Immersion 2023. I learned so much this year.

All of the mini-collections shown here started out trying to be in one large collection but in the middle of the process I realized I didn’t want to design for fabric collections. It’s not my strength to design 8-12 coordinating patterns.

I want to focus on the home decor market. Because some of these started out as part of one collection the color palette for all of these designs is a total of 18. Once I catch my breath from immersion I will change things up, starting with the color palettes. I have plans to rework some of the patterns as well. But for now, I’m sticking with the 18 colors as some of the coordinates and blenders can definitely be used in more than one mini-collection. My next step is to finish making some blenders and coordinates and bust out some awesome mockups.

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Hi, I'm Kerry
Hi, I'm Kerry

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