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Bee Balm Pattern - Curiously Designed

Reworking a Pattern

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During Immersion 2023 I fell in love with a pattern I created based on a native flower called Bee Balm. Even though I really like the motifs and pattern I felt there was something missing so I decided to rework it and create an entire collection based on the bee balm flower. Below is the original motifs and pattern I created during Immersion.

But I have bee balm in my garden and it started blooming. The flower is beautiful. I have the cultivar of Monarda fitulosa known as “Claire Grace.”  When it started blooming I realized I needed to rework the motifs and the pattern.

Even though I loved the original I didn’t think it did this flower justice. So I started taking photos and studying all the intricate detail in the petals, stems and leaves. In short, I fell in love with this flower. 

Bee Balm Pattern - Curiously Designed

It still needs tweaking but I really love the direction I’m taking this. I prefer this color palette and adding the details in the leaves. 

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