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Human Design Generator Aura

I am a Generator

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You may or may not know anything about Human Design. If not (very briefly) it is a system similar to astrology that helps you understand yourself better. Like astrology, it uses your birth date, time and place to determine your chart or body graph, which in terms shows you how you are designed to make decisions and live your life for better fulfillment.

I’m not a Human Design practitioner or an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been studying for SELF-knowledge on and off for the past 5 years. 

So in the Human Design system I am what’s known as a Generator (there are five different types, the Generator type being one of them).

Generators are called the builders and worker bees of the world. We have a lot of energy and that energy can easily be restored from day to day. The catch is, we have to LOVE what we’re doing, otherwise we’re expending our energy on work that doesn’t “light us up” and we can burn out.

Each of the five energy types has a different aura. Your aura is an energy field that radiates out from your body. It is through the aura that humans are able to interact with the world around us.

A Generator’s aura is big, juicy, sparkly and MAGNETIC. Our auras emanate out from our bodies past our outstretched arms. It is all around us. A Generator’s aura is enveloping and inviting. And as I said before it is magnetic. Because of this, things are drawn IN to our reality via our aura.

That’s sound all peachy-keen. But the difficult parts is that no matter how we conditioned by family and society, we are not here to initiate. We are here to respond. Our auras are designed to attract things, people, ideas, projects, opportunities into our life. Through are defined Sacral center, it is our job to RESPOND to what shows up.

Uh huh (yes) we want to do that. Un uhn (no) we don’t want to do that.

This STRATEGY of “waiting to respond” trips many Generators up – me included. 

We are taught and conditioned to “go after what we want!” “Make it happen!” “Be a boss babe.” “JUST DO IT!”

But all of these require a strategy of INITIATION, something Generators are not designed to do.

We are designed to wait. Then via our magnetic auras, wait for what shows up in our reality, THEN decide via our defined Sacral center if we want to do it or not.

You can imagine that as a business owner where untold number of techniques and strategies of SELL SELL SELL!! is shoved down our throats.

Generators are left wondering how we could ever be a successful business if we are designed to WAIT to respond to what shows up. It sounds very self-defeating.

But I know we are not designed to FAIL. Generators are not designed to work at jobs we hate and work for others. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But what I’m talking about takes a lot of patience, faith and trust (particularly when we’re just starting out).

So I have made my version of Bonnie Christine’s “Path to Success.” And one of the things I put in the Action Items is a daily meditation practice.

Even if just for one minute, before I start the day I will sit down, take a deep breath and sink down into my Sacral center. Then I will consciously be aware of my aura (or least imagine that am).

I will feel my Generator aura acting like a magnet, drawing into my life all the resources, people, projects, opportunities and answers I need to build my illustration business.

It’s a mindset change – a conscious effort to decondition from a lifetime of being told to go out there and make something happen.

Affirmation: I am enough and have the Universe is supporting my goals.

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