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I’ve Been MIA

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It’s the beginning of July. The Immersion 2022 course ended about a month and a half ago. And honestly? I’ve barely looked at Adobe Illustrator or picked up a pen or pencil to sketch. I’ve been busy. But that’s no excuse.

Well it is an excuse. I’ve got a perennial garden to tend to and as anyone know who has a garden the months of May, June and July are ON. Water, weed, move, dig up, replant, plant some more, move something over there, and on and on and on. I absolutely love it. But it sucks up a lot of your time.

Also, to be honest its very hard for me to get motivated so intensely when I don’t have a reason PULLING me towards it.

I am a Human Design Generator

What the heck is that?

I talk a little about it here and there on this blog but as I’ve said before, I’m a Generator in the world of Human Design.

What that means is that I am designed to RESPOND to external stimuli, opportunities, people, etc. that my magnetic aura draws to me.

I am more creative and much more motivated when I am RESPONDING to something rather than initiating it – which in fact ultimately makes me frustrated.

In other words, it is very hard for me to get motivated due solely to internal desires and wishes. My gut and my “motor” just don’t get turned on and revved up until something from OUTSIDE of myself presents itself to my reality. If I try to push again that natural flow I can get burnt out.

Online LIVE classes are much more stimulating and motivating to me than “do it at your own pace” type of online classes. If you’re that way as well don’t beat yourself up. You could very well be a Generator or Manifesting Generator too. We make up over 70% of the world’s population so there’s a good chance you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator, or you know someone who is.

We can push ourselves to get the work done in an online course that is not live. But it’s very, very hard. Don’t ask me how many online courses I’ve purchased over the years that are sitting in the graveyard of my computer somewhere or where I’ve long since lost the password to log in because I just couldn’t finish the course.

So once the Immersion was over, I got unmotivated to finish the collection I was working on. I got unmotivated to do much of anything except work in my garden. 

My goal right now is to find something somewhere that can light a fire under my butt and get my motor running again. 

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