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Meadow's Edge - Curiously Designed

Days 59 – 65 of the 100 Day Project

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I’ve been so busy the last week creating this huge pattern that I’ve named “Meadows Edge.”

I wanted it to be about flowers found in dappled sunlight, on the edge between a forrest and sunny meadow.

I’m posting this to try and play catchup and show some of my work in progress. Some of shade-loving native wildflowers that will be included in the repeat pattern are: Pale Lobelia, Virginia Bluebells, Bishop’s Cap, Spring Beauty, Foam flowers, Violets, Phlox, Wild Ginger, Zizzia, Trillium, and more.

I started the process with pencil sketches that I scanned and brought into  Photoshop to cleanup. 

They were then brought into Illustrator where I used the Image Trace tool to vectorize them. I also drew some of the flowers directly in Illustrator using the Pencil tool because they were just too complicated to deal with that extra step in Photoshop.


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Hi, I'm Kerry
Hi, I'm Kerry

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