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Meadow's Edge by Curiously Designed

New Pattern Collection Started (accidentally)

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So the theme for me of Immersion 2023 is??

Opps. Did I just accidentally create another hero pattern and start yet another collection??

I had a really good laugh with my husband today. I can’t seem to help myself and stop making hero patterns. I need to make some secondary and blenders that I LOVE but it’s not working out as planned.

I am a maximalist designer. I LOVE big, bold and lots of details. So when I start a secondary or blender, I “accidentally” add more color, more detail, more umpf! They start out with me thinking, “Too dainty, too small, too NOT ME.” So I add more and more and end up with another hero pattern. 🤣

I struggled trying to figure this out for a few weeks. Then I realized that I actually have the beginnings of FOUR really nice collections. However… (and I’m talking to me now) … I need to figure out a way to create blenders and secondaries that I love almost as much as the hero so I can finish at least one collection.

Anyway, as you can see I changed the color scheme of the new hero pattern from it’s original (more warmer) color scheme. Since it was no longer part of the collection I was creating I realized this one lended itself to something in a cool color range as opposed to a warm one. I like it MUCH better, but realize when I have time I need to rework the repeat itself so it’s not so noticeable. 

Meadow's Edge by Curiously Designed

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