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Fritillary butterfly & Common Violets

Days 34-36 of The 100 Day Project

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Back to sketching with the Pentel brush pens and Tombow’s Fudenosuke pen. This is more my style – bolder, more movement, loose, freer. I felt like trying to sketch and keep all that texture was making the process so much less fun. 

So I reworked the art print from the last blog post but this time incorporating a fritillary butterfly laying her eggs amongst a patch of Common Blue Violets. I don’t know why but I just love this print. 

In the first image below I drew all the pieces to the fritillary butterfly separately. It’s important to think ahead as to how you plan on using Image Trace and how the pieces will be put together and colored. If you make a mistake you can always just use Illustrator’s eraser tool to separate pieces that need a different color applied. The final butterfly art print is above.

In the second image below, I created a single motif or art print depicting two fritillary caterpillars munching away on violet leaves. You can see a single egg that has yet to hatch.

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Hi, I'm Kerry

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