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Trying to Figure Out My Artistic Style

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Right now I’m not only focused on relearning how to use Adobe Illustrator AND learning how to create repeat patterns, I am also very aware of the big question in my mind: What is my artist style?

I seem to be really drawn to linocuts, block printing and scratchboard art. I feel like the visual appearance of these styles would lend themselves nicely to creating in vectors with a limited color palette and creating using shapes to create the motifs in patterns.

My Workflow

My workflow for this design started as sketches on paper using pencil and marker, digitized and brought into Procreate to create the big shapes on individual layers, then brought into Illustrator where the border around the frogs were erased using the eraser tool or sometimes a line was added using the pencil tool to make it look like a “cut” or reduction instead of an actual line. Obviously the line needs to have the same color as the water (background) so it appears the background is showing through.

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