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I Love Pattern & Texture

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I am loving the Immersion 2022 course. I used Illustrator a loooong time ago but put it aside for Photoshop and forgot everything I knew, plus the program has gotten a lot more complicated over the years.

I am also trying to figure out my style. The one thing I know of certain is that I love pattern and texture — and color. I love pattern, texture and color.

When I worked in Photoshop I loved creating digital collage. I also love graphic and bold drawings. I ran across some linocuts and woodcuts in Pinterest the other day so decided to try and figure out techniques for recreating that look using just Illustrator. IT IS VERY HARD. But a lot of the things Bonnie taught us this week in Module 1 of the course came in really handy. So this is the result and I am loving it!

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Hi, I'm Kerry
Hi, I'm Kerry

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