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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

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I am a Canva Contributor – sort of like uploading your work to a stock photo site like iStock or Adobe Stock. I upload my illustrations and every time they are used by someone in their Canva design, I make a little money.

It’s not a lot of money but it’s always fun when the check is deposited into my PayPal account. For the last year or so I’ve been creating vector illustrations which allowed me to really learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. 

I saw this image on Pinterest and thought it would be a good starting point for a vector illustration using white coneflowers (echinacea). 


I also create a few others for valentine’s day, trying to capture various moods of love and romance using flowers. 

When you upload images to Canva it’s a good idea to try and limit your color palette to no more than 5 colors and save the image as an SVG. That way you can upload your own images (even if you have a free Canva account) and change the colors of your designs, as shown below.

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