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Passionflower by Curiously Designed

New Collection

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My ADHD can get the better of me at times. I have NOT completed the collection I was working on but for some reason decided to start a completely new one today. That’s the problem with ADHD: you can literally forget you’re doing something or haven’t finished a project because a new idea enters your head and you MUST work on it.

To be fair, this pattern is one I have had in my head for a while. But why I needed to start and work on it today – I have no idea. Onward and upward.

I’ve been wanting to create a floral design on a trellis. Although I don’t grow passionflowers in my garden they have always intrigued me. The fact they look so foreign yet are a native flower is amazing. Passionflowers need a trellis or other structure to grow UP but after creating the initial design I realized I don’t need to be so literal. Here is my first attempt WITH the trellis.  

The second image above shows the entire repeat. I might like it more if the design wasn’t so vertical, but I decided to continue working on it and lose the trellis altogether. The results (below) are much more organic. The trellis is implied and for now, I think it looks much better. 

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Hi, I'm Kerry

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